What are judges looking for? (program) Details ,Details, Details.   Each quilt has so many elements to be considered during the judging process.In this lecture presentation, Kathi, who is enrolled in the NQA Judges Certification Program, will explain the various criteria judges review when evaluating a quilt. She uses her quick wit and wry sense of humor to lighten up the details of the list. Her personal antidotes help bring a bit of levity to this serious topic.

​Whether your guild is hosting a judged show or you are encouraging your members to enter more quilts in shows, this lecture will lead your members in the right direction.

What? Only 3-5 minutes? (class) ​Should I enter a quilt in a judged show? How do I get my quilt ready for competition?  Why does one quilt win a ribbon but  another does not win? Do all judges use the same criteria? What do judges really see in only three to five minutes reviewing a quilt? In this class with Kathi Eubank, who is enrolled in the NQA's Judges Certification Program, will explore the answers to all of these questions plus so much more. Students will be asked to bring a quilt so we can "play judge" with it. The remainder of the class will be dedicated to reviewing the judging criteria and answering your questions. By the end of this class, you will be anxios to enter  your quilt in the next available show!

Work in Progress.........


Kathi Eubank has been working in judging rooms - local to national - for several years. For over ten years she has been an active participant in the Machine Quilters Showcase (MQS®) judging room and is now the MQS® Judging Room Coordinator.  She is currently enrolled in NQA's Judges Certification Program.

​​​​The NQA Judges Certification Program prepares candidates to perform the task of judging quilts of all levels with an expert eye and attention to detail.  In order to pass this rigorous program, NQA requires that a candidate must “demonstrate experience judging quilt shows and knowledge in all areas of quilt design and construction.”  Every candidate is required to complete paperwork that includes answering a list of questions in order to prove an in-depth knowledge of judging procedures and quilting techniques.  After the paperwork is accepted, the next step is a panel review during which the candidate must perform in front of a team of certified judges where quick-thinking and confidence in one’s knowledge are challenged.

While judging a show, Kathi views each quilt for what it is – work that is treasured by the quiltmaker.  Every quilt is given a thorough review with comments to reward work well done but also to give constructive criticism in an effort to help the quiltmaker improve their skills. A judge does not teach; a judge praises and encourages. 

Kathi Eubank is available to judge your next show.  
​Contact her via email at
​or by phone at (501) 209-2362.